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phrench_phried in macintosh

Airport express dual voltage?

Excellent people,

Can any of you who own an Airport express tell me if it is dual voltage (110-120 / 210-220).  In light of how well thought-out my new macbook is, I'm inclined to think the it probably is, but I'd like confirmation and I can't seem to get the info from the mac site.  Also, how's the coverage?  Better than an average no-name wireless router?  Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks everyone!



according to the power supply I have, it can handle 100-240 volts, 50-60hz, so with the proper input cord (or plug adapter) it should be world capable. I'm not sure, however, how legal it'd be in other countries, due to different channel assignments/regulations in other countries. I suspect there may be a way to change which settings it uses, but I couldn't swear to it, and I've never looked.

I've never compared the airports to anything along the same lines (they don't do as well as the Cisco Aironets we replaced them with, but those go for $700+), but I've never noticed a major difference from other consumer routers I've tried, besides the quite noticeable price difference and features differences.

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and, just now, I notice that you've asked about the express, not the extreme. so I suppose my comment may not be that helpful.

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this page does indicate world power and world channel capabilities. I would expect lesser coverage vs. a standard router due to the fact it's stuck right near the power outlet..

Re: yes

Oh. Wow. Yea. That's the info I need. I don't know why it was so hard to find via the apple website...
airport/airmac express are voltage compatible throughout the world. i have one that i take between my apartment in japan (110-2 pin usa standard plug) and my home in kenya (220-3 pin british standard plug) and have no problems. get one of the multiadapter kits that the mac shop sells, and you're good to go anywhere. i just slide the plug off and put others on depending on where i am.

the coverage seems to be best if i use 'interference robustness' ticked. when i'm in kenya i am able to either be upstairs in my bedroom or outside on the veranda with perfect full coverage in all areas.