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iamshine in macintosh

Cue Splitter for FLAC and APE

newbie here :)

I have got chunks of FLAC and APE files, but when I use MP3-FLAC/APE convertor, it just converts the whole APE/FLAC file (like a few hundreds MB) into one MP3 file.
Is there any free or decent (as in not pricey) CUE splitter for MAC (most of them are Window-based) that can help me to do the conversion to MP3 or iPod compatible formats AND splitting the file into tracks.

Thanks a lot!

p/s: Do I need to plug the ethernet cable into Time Capsule in order for Time Machine to function, or as long as I switch on the Airport base station (even without the internet connection), that will do?


For converting the FLAC to ipod compatible.


For splitting the files after you convert to ipod compatible.

I don't have a TC, just an HD hooked to an AE, and yeah it works without an internet connection. You may have to change the service order in network prefs if you're getting internet from an interface with greater priority than what connects to TC.