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ben_marko in macintosh

Safari and Mountain Lion

After upgrading to Mountain Lion last night, Safari will not launch on my MBP. It simply stops and is unable to load it's first page. I have not had this problem on my iMac, Safari works fine therre. I uninstalled all extensions and it still will not launch. The progress bar simply freezes - but I am able to quit, try and reload, etc. (all buttons work).

I have uninstalled all extensions and still the problem remains.



Thank you for the warning! I think I'll just wait a while before the upgrade.
Do you have any plugins installed like glims or safaristand? I had to remove them. There's any update for Glims now, though.
One fallback I always try is to trash the application's .plist and then restart the problem app. Might work, might not, but it's something to try.
This is an update to my earlier post - I have found that uninstalling all extensions, and then restarting Safari, and then reinstalling the extensions has fixed the problem. It probably is because one or more of the extensions has been updated, or a conflict that occured right after installation of Safari 6/Mountain Lion.