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oneandonlytara in macintosh

To Partition or Not to Partition


So, I downloaded Mountain Lion last night and made my own bootable USB flash drive with the installer in case any issues arise down the road since Apple has not released one for sale and it was likely way cheaper to do it on my own anyways.

Question being:

I chose not to partition the drive (meaning I did not go into the options menu under the partition tab in disk utility, select one partition and then set it to GUID under options) The tutorial I chose to follow never mentioned this, and since it was a brand new drive that I won't be using for anything else, I figured I would be ok. However, I did make sure to choose Mac OS Extended Journaled as the format type and everything seemed to copy over perfectly. Today for fun, I booted up my MacBook Pro while holding option and the drive showed up fine. I didn't actually try to boot from it, but would I be fine to do so being that the drive is not optimized as being a GUID partition or does it ABSOLUTELY need to be? If yes, can I just re-download the installer from the app store and try again, or am I fine?



Have you tried to use it yet? I made a ML thumb drive installer and it wouldn't install at all. I had to drag it to my HD in order to get it to work.
No, I haven't. I ended up just redownloading the installer, erasing the thumb drive and starting fresh just to be sure I did it properly though, but I've not actually tried to reinstall. It appears everything is on the drive though, so I should be fine.