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May 2014

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climbfall78 in macintosh

Say whaaat!?

Okay, here's the deal. I have a mid-2009 model MacBook (you know, the white one) and I just upgraded to Mavericks last month. Of course I was stunned that I could because a guy I know at the hospital I volunteer at told me that I couldn't get past Lion when a guy at Apple told me I could probably upgrade to Mountain Lion and that would be it for me.

I'm using Mavericks and I noticed something rather quirky. In all the previous OS versions, I was able to press the power button on my laptop and a dialogue would come up asking if I wanted to shut down the computer. Now when I push that button, the MacBook goes to sleep. I'm not complaining but I just find it rather odd. Anyone else have this issue?

Also after I updated my OS, I had to upgrade iWork and ended up with two versions of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Apparantly the upgrade was to the new versions of these programs. Is there any harm in deleting the old versions? I did and so far it looks like it's okay but I'm just curious if anyone else who uses iWork has this issue and if they had problems from deleting the older versions of the apps.

This new Mavericks is nice...but it's confusing me. 


The power button thing is apparently a feature that a lot of folks are having issues with especially on the newer Macs without optical drives where the power button replaces the eject button on the keyboard and makes it even easier to hit accidentally. Do a Google search for "Mavericks power button" and you'll see tons of posts about it.

I've kept the old versions of iWork just in case but haven't had any issues with the new versions. And unlike most folks it seems I actually prefer the new simplified interfaces.
I love the new iWork. I've been using that a lot lately because I've been working on things for a Christmas party.
If you hold the power button for two seconds, you'll get the traditional message box about shutting down, restarting, etc. If you just push it quickly, it'll sleep the machine.
I just noticed this. Like I said, I thought it was rather odd.