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starlaborne in macintosh

Slow iMac!

Hi all,

Just wondering if you could give me some good advice on how I can really speed up my iMac. I am struggling to use the likes of Photoshop due to the slowness of my Mac. I have had it for maybe 6 years, but really hoping I can get some more memory into it? I notice there isn't much memory left for the macintosh disk, so I am guessing this is why it's become very slow?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a photo of my current mac information:-


Many thanks for your time!


The easiest way to find out if you can put more memory in your iMac is to head over to Crucial.com and use their handy little tool. It'll download, run some tests, and then pop up a web page telling you what you have and offering you choices on how to get more (if you can).

While you're waiting for your new memory, make sure to run Activity Monitor once in a while to make sure you don't have stuff hogging your CPU. I'm guessing that you are most likely running out of free memory, which means that your computer is using your disk drive as extra RAM (called "Virtual Memory"), and compared to chip memory, hard drives are S----L----O----W. But just in case, launch Activity Monitor, click on the %CPU column (you may have to click twice to sort by biggest number to smallest), and see if you still need to be running the apps at the top of the list. If you see an app you launched but no longer need, close it down to save extra CPU (and Virtual Memory).

But extra RAM will really help if your computer can use it.
more RAM and a new hard drive might help, but not for long. it's an aging machine and you can only make so many upgrades to it before you have to throw in the towel and get something new.
Without a doubt you need more RAM, but for now I see that your HD has little free space (that may affect a swap or virtual memory).
I did that a couple of weeks ago, freed disk space and now everything goes much better.