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darkstorm_ in macintosh

HD Replacement

I have an older iMac Core Duo that is starting to have problems with the HD. I'd like to have some idea of what it would cost to have it replaced at an Apple store. I'd be looking at replacing it with a 500 GB drive, which is double what came in it.

Has anyone recently had an iMac's HD replaced at an Apple store and can give me an idea of what they'll charge? Otherwise I'll have to haul my iMac out to the store to find out since you can't get a live person on the phone at the store. Also, how long did it take to get done?


While you can't reach an Apple store Genius Bar directly, if you initiate the process of making a Genius Bar reservation, you will eventually get the option of talking to a live human being via phone or chat. I highly recommend doing that.

Alternatively, you can probably install a new hard drive yourself. I've done it numerous times; it's not too difficult and makes you feel like a computer badass. The Crucial Memory online store has a handy tool that lets you put in details about your computer and then recommends memory and storage options:


Good luck!
Ifixit.com Also has bunches of tutorials for pretty much every iMac. They walk you through finding your iMac model number and finding the correct tutorial.
Word to the wise - The white iMacs are not easy, but are simpler than the glass front aluminum iMacs.

Good luck!