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Help required - what macbook to purchase

Hi everyone!
I am seeking to buy a new MacBook Pro. Or maybe even the air. But I think I really am hell bent on getting the MacBook Pro with retina display.

I had my first MacBook Pro in 2005 then I got a Mac Pro 8 core in 2010.

I need a new MacBook Pro for on the go. What I need it for is:
1. Editing a ton of HD footage using final cut.
2. Editing tons of photosets using photoshop.
3. Webcamming

These 3 tasks are done pretty much every day so I really need something powerful but still not too pricey.

Should I buy new? What model should I go for? Is 4GB RAM going to be enough? Obviously I'm going to have to use an external drive so what external drive should I buy that will be fast?

Thanks in advance.


for that task you will need more that 4GB of RAM, if you use Maveric I will recomwnding 8GB for you. regards.
You can NEVER have too much RAM.