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me 12/25/2013

adminbear in macintosh

Installation of Adobe Flash Player 13 fails...

There was a new release of Flash the other day.  It goes through the Initializing and the download.  Then it asks for my update option (I select "Notify me to install updates").  Then it says creating download, downloading, installing and then asks me to exit Firefox.  Then it says installing.  The bar moves about half way across the screen and says “Error: Unable to proceed with the installation”.  There’s a “Finish” box.  When I click on it, a copy of Firefox opens pointing to “http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/completion/aih/?exitcode=30&type=install” which says “Adobe Flash Player could not be installed.”

I’ve gone through Adobe’s suggestions on how to “fix” this nightmare, including the worst move of all, uninstalling the working copy of Flash that was on my machine.  Now I have no Flash Player at all.

Any knowledge, suggestions or offerings would be tremendously appreciated.

Kind regards,