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darkstorm_ in macintosh

Looking for a mic for voice recording

I'm looking for some recommendations for mics that can be used with a Mac for voice recording instead of using the built in mic.

I'm looking for decent voice quality, but don't need professional quality. End recordings will be posted online in .mp3 and .ogg formats.

Nothing too expensive, maybe under $40?

USB, audio jack plug-in or some other?

Also open to mics with headphones, like for Skype, as long as it can be used for voice recording.

Running OSX on an Intel Mac.


I have an old model of the Blue Snowflake that I've been pretty happy with for purposes similar to yours:


Reviews say it does pick up ambient noise, so you'd need to use it in a quiet room, but it makes pretty high-quality recordings. You might also check out various models of the Blue Snowball.