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apolliana in macintosh

Macbook constantly falling asleep for a few seconds

Very suddenly, my 2008 aluminum unibody Macbook has started flashing a black screen for a second. Afterwards, it returns me to the login screen as if it has just woken up from sleep.

I would've thought it had something to do with the display (bulb, inverter cable....) except for the fact that it returns me to the login screen.

It was in a bag that had a magnetic closure yesterday, so that might've affected the sleep magnet. I use sleep mode a lot, but it doesn't reliably sleep when the lid is closed.

I've reset the SMC and PRAM. No improvement. I'll reinstall Mavericks next to see if that helps. Otherwise, I'm puzzled. Any ideas?


Nevermind. The problem was (once again) the hard case. Since I removed it everything is working perfectly. Those things cause so many problems!

This is probably a hardware problem, the switch which is pressed when you close you laptop lid has malfunctioned. Check if it is that.