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deoxyt2 in macintosh

Macbook pro crash

The year 20011, I published that I had decided to buy a Macbook Pro because according to what he had heard and read was a team very stable and long-lasting, because now I'm waiting for you to pick up because when I'm working on the computer it crashes constantly. A friend told me that if team emitted sounds it was because I was missing something at the hardware level and by the behavior of the fault all pointed to the RAM. (If you don't see the video bellow, follow this link)

So I went to a shop to buy more memory and did an upgrade from 4 GB to 8 GB. At the moment of change, the service told me that it was not hardware problem because they made him "a couple of tests", and recommended me to install all over again.
I reach the House I started to update Maverick to Yosemite, but the same "crash" didn't let me carry out the process, so I had to install Snow Leopard, then test the computer with this version of the operating system I realized that is remained crash the system, I decided to then migrate to Yosemite, but now the problem is exacerbated because it crashes more often.

Macbook Yosemite Fail

This has me very occupying the computer repaired just advancing in my thesis, as computer work halfway.
And what bothers me most is that these are very expensive computers, and I made a big effort to buy and after three years failure and repairs are also expensive, I have a Dell cpx 500 mhz that runs from the year 2004 and never a failed and a netbook Packard Bell that I have treated very poorly and I have demanded much and works without problems, but the MAC that is treated like Holy bone is in intensive treatment.