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Nov. 30th, 2013

Abby (NCIS)


Say whaaat!?

Okay, here's the deal. I have a mid-2009 model MacBook (you know, the white one) and I just upgraded to Mavericks last month. Of course I was stunned that I could because a guy I know at the hospital I volunteer at told me that I couldn't get past Lion when a guy at Apple told me I could probably upgrade to Mountain Lion and that would be it for me.

I'm using Mavericks and I noticed something rather quirky. In all the previous OS versions, I was able to press the power button on my laptop and a dialogue would come up asking if I wanted to shut down the computer. Now when I push that button, the MacBook goes to sleep. I'm not complaining but I just find it rather odd. Anyone else have this issue?

Also after I updated my OS, I had to upgrade iWork and ended up with two versions of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Apparantly the upgrade was to the new versions of these programs. Is there any harm in deleting the old versions? I did and so far it looks like it's okay but I'm just curious if anyone else who uses iWork has this issue and if they had problems from deleting the older versions of the apps.

This new Mavericks is nice...but it's confusing me. 

Nov. 29th, 2013



iPad Air Lightning to USB cable

I was looking at the new iPad Airs on the Apple website. Listed with "What's in the box" is a Lightning to USB cable. Is that to be used for data transfer? One of the things that has had me hesitant about getting an iPad is I have a bunch of files (.pages and other types) on my "too old to access The Cloud" Core 2 Duo iMac that I'd like to have access to on my iPad (should I get one). So, would the aforementioned cable allow me to transfer files directly from my iMac to a new iPad? It was my understanding from a previous trip to an Apple store that there was no way to directly transfer files from an Apple computer to an iPad (this was an iPad generation or two ago).

I could find nothing on the Apple website that mentions what the Lightning to USB cable is to be used for. Is it for charging via USB? Is it for plugging into accessories? Can it be used for data transfer?

Sep. 3rd, 2013



Sticking Keys

I have a 2nd Gen. Intel Core Duo iMac with a full-sized white keyboard with the old-style keys. I'm beginning to have problems with keys sticking in the down position, which is leading to all kinds of funky problems. Is it possible to pop the keys out to clean them and/or replace the springs under them, or would doing so ruin the keyboard? If I need to replace it, can any brand of USB keyboard be used other than just an Apple one?

Jul. 31st, 2013



What Are The Temp File #.tmp for?

I am having space trouble, and found that iTunes is storing .tmp files #1-2628. That strikes me as HUGE. Are they deletable? If so, How?

What gets lost, via them?

Jul. 21st, 2013



Newest Version of iTunes 11.0.4

Will someone who has the latest version of iTunes that arrived today installed please check how the podcasts are allowed to be sorted?

Choose ANY podcast, and download three or more episodes. Then at the center top, (unplayed podcasts list) select list. What I want to know is if they are allowing sorting by anything other than arrival date. Will # of plays allow a sort by most frequently listened to? Will the list alphabetize by episode name? Can the episodes of ONE INDIVIDUAL PODCAST be viewed alone? For instance, I have over 500 songs in my KEXP Song of the Day podcast. I want to VIEW THEM ALPHABETICALLY, like I could before they gave us this new useless version of iTunes in a fashion that permanently damaged our libraries so we could not go back to one that fully worked.

2,478 podcasts is just WAY, WAY too unwieldily without meaningful sorting ability. I was working through things in alphabetical order in some podcasts, by interest in others... I can't even FIND stuff I know I have.

Jul. 19th, 2013



(no subject)

So Apple release Logic Pro X and I JUST finished mastering Logic 9. I purchased Logic 8 not knowing entirely what I was doing, but to this day I know music producers and remixers that use Logic 8 and swear it can do everything Logic 9 can.

So I ask - is Logic Pro X worth the upgrade?

Jul. 16th, 2013



SafariBlock error

For the past few months I've begun getting error dialogue boxes popping up every time I launch Safari. They pertain to errors with SafariBlock. I can't recall whether SafariBlock is an extension or a part of Safari. I'm not talking about Safari Adblock. There has been 2 or 3 different messages that seem to alternate popping up. The one I get most often is this :

"SafariBlock received the following error while trying to download the feed: Incorrect format for ABP file (magic not found)"

I never used to get these error messages until fairly recently, but now one pops up every time I launch Safari.

I'm running Mac 10.6.8 and always keep my Safari updated to the latest version (currently Version 5.1.9 (6534.59.8)]

I run Safari Adblock with no problem.

Is SafariBlock an integral part of the Safari browser, or is it an add-on that I can get rid of? And what does "magic not found" mean? Has anyone else had this problem crop up?

UPDATE: With the info from climbfall78's reply it seems that SafariBlock is an app for older versions of Safari, so I went in and deleted the SafariBlock folder [HD > Library > InputManagers > SafariBlock, then had to restart to delete the SafariBlock in the trash since it was "in use" even with Safari closed out]. That solved the problem with the pop-up dialogue boxes.

Jul. 13th, 2013

Abby (NCIS)


About my power cord issue

I wanted to tell everyone that if you have a MacBook from 2009 or earlier, there IS a flaw with the power cord. I called this one Apple Store and they told me that it was. I went there this afternoon and they were able to replace it for free and the girl told me it was all a part of a class action lawsuit and recall that Apple did. 
Abby (NCIS)


I hope there's someone here that can help me.

Okay, I hope someone can help. I have a mid 2009 13-inch white MacBook. We all know it's got flaws, right? The case can crack and chip. I had that happen and Apple fixed it for free.

I now have another problem: The MagSafe cord. The bottom where the plug is frayed on me! I thought I could get it to work but I couldn't. I know it's $79 to replace it but I started Googling and saw there was a class action lawsuit where Apple had to do a recall on these puppies. It's also why the newer MacBooks have the L shaped MagSafe cord.

Here's what I'm confused on: The location of the fray. The photos that I've seen of this issue were up near where the mag is that goes into the MacBook. Mine is not. In fact, I have a photo to show of what happened. If this photo sucks in quality, I apologize since I took it with my cell phone.


I didn't even realize this happened until today. Needless to say I'm rather annoyed because while the plug is still being made, it'll cost $79. Now I called Apple after I saw online about this class action lawsuit and the replacement deadline I saw was end of July. The lady I talked to at Apple told me that I can get it replaced for nothing despite my AppleCare running out last year. But my question is this: The fray/detachment is near where you plug it into the outlet, not where the mag going into the MacBook is, would that matter? I know a few people here have either worked for Apple in the past or currently do, so maybe you guys can provide me some insight. I got lucky the last time with the chip since the guy at the store in Marlton, NJ told me that it was a flaw Apple knew of and I could get it fixed for free, so I'm wondering could lightening strike again? 

Jun. 5th, 2013

Zombie carrot



Hey Mac users!

I have problems with keyboards. Seems I kill them quickly, be cherry whiskey (Very sticky, by the way-if you care to red the story, here it is}, pancake syrup, or coffee.
Would you ever boy a keyboard at a thrift store? People keep telling me to, but I am reluctant to risk it. Besides, with the Apple Store or the Mac Store, you can all and ask them to tell you what they have in stock, before making the trek out there.

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