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Mac Users
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Welcome to LiveJournal's oldest community for Mac users!

This is an open community for Mac users. Feel free to post about things directly related to the Mac. This community is open to conversation about all versions of the Mac OS, all Apple hardware and software products (including Apple's Windows products), and Macintosh clones.

The guidelines... short & sweet:

1) Please keep cross-posting to other communities to a minimum
2) Refrain from posting topics that are not directly related to Apple or the Mac OS
3) Keep posts within the guidelines of LJ's Terms of Service. If you are still confused, especially about issues regarding file sharing applications, please see this post.
4) Show your fellow community members some respect.
5) Don't troll, or feed the trolls.

Co-Maintained by:

Please use the community email address for any maintenance requests, to reach all of us at once.

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